Amazon Prime: How To Gift It | How To Add It To A Wish List

Amazon Prime is a membership service from Amazon.

For $99, an Amazon Prime member receives a year’s worth of free two-day shipping on most of Amazon’s products, access to Amazon’s Netflix-like streaming service with thousands of movies and TV shows, unlimited streaming music with over 1 million songs to choose from, unlimited photo storage on the Amazon cloud, use of Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library with over 800,000 titles, and early access to Amazon’s Lightning Deals.

That makes for a pretty impressive Christmas gift that will last a full year.

Gifting Amazon Prime

Amazon makes it easy to gift an Amazon Prime membership to someone.

Ana Rigby from Amazon’s PR department, gave Consumer Press this link as the easiest place to start.

When an Amazon Prime membership is gifted, the receiver is notified by email on a date that the sender selects. So, for example, you can have the person you are giving a membership to notified by email on Christmas Day. You can even select what time of day the email will be sent.

If the receiver already has a Prime membership, the Prime membership can be traded in for an Amazon gift card.

Gift memberships do not automatically renew at the end of the year, so giving it once won’t mean that your credit card keeps being charged annually.

Putting Amazon Prime on a Wish List

Surprisingly, Amazon doesn’t have an easy “add to wish list” button for adding an Amazon Prime membership to your own wish list.

You can still add Amazon Prime to your wish list, but it has to be done as a note, according to Rigby.

Adding a note to your wish list is easy, though not as readily apparent as you might expect. The input box for adding a note is right at the top of your Amazon wish list. It’s that box that says “Save an idea. Shop for it later.” and has a button next to it that says “Add to List”.

When you add a note using that form, it lists your note next to an “I want…” icon. You can include the link to the Amazon Prime gifting page (posted above) in your note for your giver’s convenience.


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