Amazon’s free 2-day shipping membership program, Amazon Prime, began simply as that, a free 2-day shipping program with discounted prices on priority shipping. It was geared toward frequent Amazon shoppers.

In February of this year, Amazon announced that Amazon Prime members would receive access to 5000 streaming movies and TV shows. This benefit is came at no added cost.

Today Amazon announced through their site that they were increasing the number of free streaming movies and TV shows that members receive by another 1000. A small sampling of the movies they are adding includes The Right Stuff, Network, Wasteland, and Superman. An example of the TV shows they are adding includes The Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Pushing Daisies, and MidSommer Murders.

Amazon also said in the announcement that they are also adding 1500 family friendly streaming movies and shows, including the last seven seasons of Sesame Street. It’s unclear why this 1500 is referred to as “We’re also adding” rather than have an announcement that they were increasing the number of streaming movies and TV shows by 2500. Perhaps the extra 1500 will be added but aren’t available yet?

Amazon also points out that the Amazon Prime streaming movies do not have to be watched over a computer. More than 300 HDTV’s, set top boxes, and Blu-Ray Players include Amazon Instant Video and can be used to watch them on TV.

Amazon Prime membership costs $79 per year and is available through Amazon’s site.