Amazon Prime: Student Membership

Here’s something you may not have known: Amazon offers Prime memberships to students.  What’s so exciting about that?

Your first six months are FREE.

And it gets better.  After that, you can receive an Amazon Prime membership for 50% of the original price!

All the more motivation.

I never used to fully understand the appeal of Amazon Prime.  So what?  You get free shipping?  Most of the time, I order enough to get free shipping anyway.  Why would I pay money to get the same thing?

I realized something: I find myself adding more things to my cart to get to the free shipping rate.  By doing this, I end up spending even MORE money than I would have before.

Plus, the free shipping allows for FREE two day delivery, which is a great thing when you find out you have a last-minute textbook that you need to purchase, and your homework is due on Monday.  If you don’t need the two-day shipping, you can opt for FREE standard shipping, and they will GIVE you a free credit to use toward Amazon movies, TV shows, and music!

You can try Amazon Prime Student absolutely FREE.  While it will tell you that it will automatically upgrade you and charge you after 6 months, you can change that setting in your settings IMMEDIATELY after signing up so that it will just stop your free trial without charging you.  That way you can try it without ANY obligation.

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