Founder and CEO of Jeff Bezos is set to introduce a highly-anticipated smartphone this Wednesday. The device is said to be the “missing link” to better connect Amazon’s various product divisions to its over 250 million customers.

The iPhone features iOS, an operating system that is unique to Apple, in which the company implements its iTunes and App online stores. The Galaxy uses Android, Google’s mobile OS, which incorporates Google’s various web services, such as Google Play and Google Maps. However, Amazon’s debut smartphone may take the integration of web and media services one step further, according to tech news site Re/code.

One such Amazon service that might be incorporated into the company’s smartphone is its new, ad-free Prime Music. Amazon may rely on this and other services to encourage people to consider it as a direct competitor to Apple and Samsung, who have both been playing the smartphone game for several years now.

In terms of physical features, the new smartphone is rumored to have a series of front-facing cameras and motion sensors that will create something of a 3D interface. Despite this endeavor, however, it is believed that the physical hardware itself is not Amazon’s primary selling point; the device will merely be a means of connecting customers to the company’s many existing Prime services.

Is it too late in the game for yet another major smartphone manufacturer? How will Apple and Samsung (and other companies for that matter) be affected by this next big move? Perhaps only time will tell. Thoughts as consumers? Leave your comments in the box below.