Amazon Sticks Another Knife In Netflix – Adds 2000 CBS Shows, Star Trek

Like Netflix didn’t have enough troubles on its plate, Amazon is heaping on more.

2000 more… and a whole Star Trek universe to boot!

Amazon Prime started out as a free-shipping membership program offered by Amazon. For $79 a year, Amazon members received free 2-day shipping and discounted 1-day shipping on items purchased from Amazon.

Amazon upped the benefits earlier this year – adding the ability for members to stream shows and movies from a library of 5000 titles. Last month, Amazon added 1000 more titles to the library, as we reported here: Amazon Prime Muscles Up – 1000′s More Streaming Movies/Shows Added.

Now, just a month later, Amazon is adding another 2000 titles into the mix. The new movies and shows include the entire Star Trek series, and 2,000 episodes of 18 CBS shows. The shows from CBS include: The Tudors, Medium, Numb3rs, Frasier,  Cheers, and more. Netflix acquired essentially the same package of shows from CBS in February.

Amazon Prime’s streaming options are more limited that what Netflix has available. While Netflix can stream through xBox, Wii’s, & PS3 gaming consoles, compatible Blu-ray devices, Tivo, Roku, iPads, iPhones,  Macs and PCs. Amazon’s Instant Video is currently limited to viewing through a PC, Mac, about 200 models of internet-connected TV’s, Blu-ray players, and compatible set top boxes.

But with Amazon rapidly expanding it’s streaming library, it has signaled that it plans to be a major player in the TV streaming industry and options are likely to grow as they establish their footing.

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