A rumor is spreading like wild fire that Amazon has joined with Samsung to develop a tablet comparable to Apple’s iPad. According to the rumor, Amazon is set to release the alleged tablet this summer.

Sources are saying that Amazon is building a tablet that will run Android 3.0, but with Google’s stringent requirements, it’s possible that Amazon will use Android as a base to build it’s own customized platform that closely integrates Amazon services. With all the services Amazon currently offers, it is possible, according to Peter Roja of Engadget.

The pricing of a possible Amazon tablet is also being discussed. According Roja, Amazon may very well price their alleged tablet at less than $250. Roja points out that the rumors are assuming that the tablet will be a 7 incher, but that Amazon may well be able to produce a 10 inch tablet for the same price.

One wild card that Roja points out is the Amazon Prime program. It is possible that Amazon will offer certain services on the new tablet free for Prime members. Amazon Instant Video is already free to Prime members.

Amazon recently opened up an App store. Couple that with the other Amazon services like Kindle and Cloud Drive, and many experts figure an Amazon tablet is just the next step. Still, it’s just a rumor so far. Amazon hasn’t spoken a word of it, but they aren’t denying it either. Perhaps by summer, the truth will be made known.