Amazon is planning to launch it’s music streaming service sometime this week.

The streaming music will be a perk for those who are a part of the Amazon Prime membership rewards program.

Prime members well receive access to a library containing thousands of songs without advertising.

Unfortunately the deal for Prime members doesn’t include new releases. Artists with Universal Music Group won’t be included either.

It seems as though the service won’t look to compete head to head with Spotify or Rdio, rather it will work as an incentive for people to purchase Prime memberships.

The company currently has somewhere close to 20 million Prime subscribers. The cost of annual subscriptions recently increased from $79 to $99.

Even though it’s meant to work as an incentive for subscribing, it doesn’t sound too impressive. Especially when you have sites like Pandora in the United States and 8Tracks in Canada.

It may prove to be one of the more least interesting things that Amazon has to offer, in terms of it’s other available services.


update: Amazon streaming music service is now available to Prime members at: