Amazon’s New Kindle Is Thinner, Lighter, And Twice As Fast

Amazon is releasing a new version of its cheapest Kindle e-reader, with a number of improvements over the 2014 edition.

First of all, the Kindle will now be available in white. The new version will also be more rounded, 11 percent thinner and 16 percent lighter than the previous one. It will have twice as much RAM (a total of 512MB), which will make it faster and easier to use.

The Kindle 2016 will also be the first Kindle with Bluetooth support. This will allow visually impaired people to use the VoiceView text-to-speech program to have books read to them.

In a few weeks, Amazon will release an over-the-air update that will allow people to export, as a PDF, notes and highlights from books via email.

Otherwise, not much has changed from the original version that was released two years ago. The display will still be 167 PPI, the device will only support Wi-Fi (as opposed to mobile internet), and the price will stay the same: Only $79.99 with ads, $99.99 without them.

The Kindle will be released on July 7th. However, it can already be pre-ordered on Amazon.