Amazon’s Top Tech Gifts For Christmas 2012 (X-Mas Shipping Still Avail!)

Amazon’s Top Tech Gifts For Christmas 2012 (X-Mas Shipping Still Avail!)

As of today, the top 5 most wished for tech gifts at Amazon can still be shipped and arrive in time for Christmas.

Just what are those top tech gifts?

Perhaps not surprisingly, they are all different flavors of Kindles.

The Kindle Fire HD 7″, with Dolby Audio, dual band wifi, and 16 gigabytes of storage, is the number one item on Amazon’s most wished for list for electronics. The Kindle Fire HD 7″ sells for $199 at

Number two on the list is the standard Kindle Fire 7″ with an LCD display, WiFi and 8 gigabytes of storage.  This is the non-HD version, it sells for $159.00.

While the first two on the list are in the tablet category, the next two are Kindle eReaders.

The first eReader on the list is the 6″ Kindle eReader with WiFi. it costs $69.00.

The second eReader is the Kindle Paper White with a 6″ display and High Resolution. This Kindle eReader has a built-light and WiFi. The Paper White sells for $119.00.

And we are back to a tablet for number 5, the Kindle Fire HD  8.9″. This is a larger version of the Kindle Fire HD, it is prices at $299.00.

According to Amazon’s shipping calendar, orders placed today for delivery in the contiguous US can be shipped for free and arrive by December 24. For orders placed December 20 and 21 up to 7pm (eastern time), they recommend two day shipping. For orders placed on December 22, up to 3pm, they recommend 1-day shipping. After that, options become limited to local express delivery, which is only available in certain cities.

Amazon also points out that Kindles are available at Best Buy, Staples, and RadioShack stores.

Will you be gifting a Kindle this Christmas? Any problems or issues related to shipping or availability? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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