AMC Debuts The Walking Dead: Season 5 Trailer – Watch It Here!

It’s time to start getting excited about The Walking Dead again!

AMC has just released the first trailer for Season 5 of the critically-acclaimed series at San Diego Comic-Con

The trailer starts with the amazing line delivered by Rick (Andrew Lincoln) at the end of Season 4 (you know the one), which serves to remind viewers of the situation the survivors are in: They’re in Terminus, surrounded by Cannibals, and they’ve been taken captive.

Unfortunately, the three-minute trailer isn’t just Rick and Co. taking over the area and beating down their new oppressors.

But we quickly see that the setting of the new season won’t keep us in Cannibal Haven for too long.

There’s the matter of being able to cure the zombie infection to get to, which will see our cast back on the road again with a long journey ahead of them.

The trailer also shows us Beth (Emily Kinney), who was last “seen” being kidnapped by an unknown person. Seems like her situation isn’t too favorable either.

The Walking Dead: Season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12, at 9pm.

Expect for details, images and more to be released in the coming months.

Consumer Expert Kyree Leary

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