4th of July is the perfect time of year for barbecues, fireworks and zombies!

Starting today, AMC is running a 4th of July ‘Walking Dead’ weekend event featuring a marathon of the past four seasons, plus two must-see ‘Walking Dead’ specials.

The action kicks off at 9 A.M. (EST) with the “Dead, White and Blue” Weekend  which will run from this morning  until Sunday, July 6th at 8 P.M.

The marathon will feature every episode of the show from first to last,  so fans can reminisce and newbies can catch up.

Then on Sunday, 9 P.M. (EST) AMC will air a Talking Dead Season 5 Preview Special with host Chad Hardwick.

Hardwick will have executive producer Scott M. Gimple and actress Aisha Tyler as his guests.

As if that wasn’t enough on Tuesday July 8th at 10 P.M. (EST) AMC will air Inside The Walking Dead,  a 1 hour documentary detailing how the show is made.

Fans will get to see behind-the-scene footage and hear from all the major departments, from make-up to special effects, explaining how they make the characters come to life.

Finally, on Tuesday, July 15th at 10 P.M. (EST) AMC will air another documentary: Inside The Walking Dead: Walker University.

This 1 hour show will show viewers what it takes to become a walker and how each zombie is created.

These specials will give fans their fix while they anxiously wait for season 5 and is a great opportunity for those who have never seen the show to watch it.

Are you a ‘Walking Dead’ fan?   Will you be watching these specials?  Tell us why you’ll be watching below.