American Ninja Warrior 7/14 Recap: Kacy Continues to Shatter Records!

This week American Ninja Warrior traveled back to Dallas, Texas for the city finals course.

Tonight the top 30 competitors had to tackle the six obstacles from qualifying: the Quintuple Steps, Log Grip, Tilting Table, Swing Jump, Ring Toss, and the Warped Wall.

After the athletes made it up the Warped Wall, they had to complete four more obstacles: the Salmon Ladder, Swinging Frames (new), Pole Grasper, and the Spider Climb.

Six weeks ago we witnessed the first woman to ever complete a qualifying course: Kacy Catanzaro. Tonight she not only made history as the first woman to attempt a city finals course, she completed it! There were more inspiring stories as well:

Eric McKeethen completed the qualifying course, but his luck changed tonight when he tripped on the Tilting Table.

Matthew Laessig was thrilled to finally complete a qualifying course. He was doing great tonight until he misplaced a ring on the Ring Toss and was never able to recover.

Engin Dolen is a truck driver who discovered ANW while driving past the course one night two years ago. He decided to start training, and that training paid off. He completed the first half of the course, but fell on the Salmon Ladder.

Geoffrey Motil has managed to turn his life around after a checkered past, and has vowed to always stay honest. He proved that tonight when he grabbed the back of a Quintuple Step, and knowing it was an illegal move, he walked off the course before the judges could disqualify him.

Daniel Manuel competes in order to raise awareness for adoption. He failed at the warped wall during qualifying, but tonight he didn’t make it that far, giving out on the Ring Toss.

Johnathan Morin may weight 220 pounds, but he glides through the course as if he’s 100 pounds lighter. He was the first to make it to the new Swinging Frames, but he lost his grip when he transitioned to the second frame.

David Gilbert was the first to make it through the swinging frames, but he failed to navigate his way through the Pole Grasper.

Jeremy Morgan competed with his brother and father during qualifying, but ended up being the only member of his family to move on to the finals. Tonight he was the first to complete the course and will be moving on to Stage 1 in Las Vegas.

Sam Sann is a fan favorite who personifies the idea of perseverance. Last season he fractured his ankle, which he injured again during qualifying. Tonight it was evident it still bothered him. However he made his way through to the Swinging Frames, where after over a minute of being hung up on the last transition, his grip finally gave out.

Tremayne Dortch is a prior Golden Gloves champion who credits his son as being his inspiration to complete the course. He made it through the obstacle like a seasoned pro, and became the second person of the night to complete the finals course.

Abel Gonzalez comes to the finals course as the only walk-on to complete the Dallas qualifying. Tonight he took it a step further and became the only walk-on to complete the Dallas finals course.

Cass Clawson rushed through the course and was on track to have the fastest time of the night. His grip strength failed on the Swinging Frames, however he secured his place to Las Vegas thanks to his quick time.

Kevin Klein works with the Dallas Cowboys helping to train their cheerleaders. Although he fell on the Pole Grasper, he was still able to make the top 15.

Kacy Catanzaro made history when she became the first woman to complete a qualifying course. Tonight she shattered another record, becoming the first woman to complete a city finals course! She was flawless in her performance, and I can’t wait to see her take on Stage 1 of Mt. Midoriama in Las Vegas.

Dillon Gates has a habit of making the veterans nervous. During the qualifying course, Brent Stefenson happened to be in 30th place before Dillon’s run. With Dillon completing the course, Brent was knocked out of the top 30. Tonight Sam Sann is in Brent’s position, with his fate in Dillon’s hands. “Survivor Sam” caught a break when Dillon failed to make it up the Salmon Ladder. Sam Sann will be moving on to Las Vegas.

These are the top 15 finishers moving on to Stage 1 in Las Vegas:

1. Jeremy Morgan
2. Jaret Salas
3. Tremayne Dortch
4. Geoffrey Lancaster
5. Abel Gonzalez
6. Karsten Williams
7. Kacy Catanzaro
8. Kevin Klein
9. David Gilbert
10. Cass Clawson
11. Brandon Pannell
12. Connor Moyer
13. Johnathan Morin
14. Joseph “Jo Jo” Bynum
15. Sam Sann

Next week American Ninja Warrior heads back to St. Louis, Missouri to take on the city finals course. Can weather man Joe Morovsky continue his reign and make it back to Mt. Midoriama?

Watch American Ninja Warrior Mondays at 9/8c on NBC, and Tuesdays on the Esquire Network.

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