American Ninja Warrior 9/1: Stage One Conclusion

American Ninja Warrior was back tonight for night two of Stage One in Las Vegas. The second half of competitors  took on the course, trying to make it to Stage Two of Mount Midoriama.

In review, the athletes took on these eight obstacles, and had to finish in 2:05 or less: Piston Road, Giant Ring, Silk Slider, Jumping Spider, Half Pipe Attack, Warped Wall, Spinning Bridge, and the Final Climb.

Here are the results of tonight’s competitors that were aired:

Courtney Venuti: She was unable to reach the Giant Ring, and took a dive into the water.

Michael Needham: He had been practicing a new technique on the Jumping Spider during training, but failed to execute on the course.

Robert Ing: It looked as through Robert would go all the way, but he failed to successfully cross the Spinning Bridge.

Aaron Himelright: He failed to stick the landing on the Silk Slider

Matthew Schumann: He couldn’t stick his landing on the Jumping Spider.

Jamie Rahn: “Captain NBC” shockingly failed to stick the landing on the Jumping Spider.

Kyle Cochran: He was having a great run, but touched the water while swinging on the Half Pipe Attack and was disqualified.

Dorian Cedars: Lost his grip on the Silk Slider

Alan Connealy: Slid off the landing pad on the Silk Slider

Ben Melick: Failed on the Jumping Spider

Cass Clawson: He took a lot of time to rest between obstacles, and ran out of the time just as he made it up the Final Climb.

Justin Kydd: Fell off the Silk Slider mat.

Adam Grossman: Failed on the Jumping Spider

Matthew Wilder: Found himself spinning right off the Spinning Bridge.

Vadym Kuvakin: Crossed the Spinning Bridge too slowly, and fell into the water.

Yen Chen: Narrowly avoided timing out, but completed the course with three seconds left on the clock.

David Campbell: Considered one of the best to ever compete, he surprisingly slipped off the Silk Slider landing mat, ending his sixth season.

Chris Wilczewski: He had a phenomenal run, completing the course and moving on to Stage Two.

Daniel Larson-Fine: Failed on the Spinning Bridge.

Joshua Cook: Completed the course!

Rob Moravsky: He was unable to stick his landing on the Jumping Spider, and slid into the water.

Elet Hall: He not only compeleted the course, but he did it with the fastest time so far.

Thaddeus Robeck: My hometown hero from Fresno! Unfortunately he rolled off the landing mat of the Silk Slider. Next year Thaddeus!

Kevin Bull: Unbeliveably fell into the water off the Silk Slider. With him out, every competitor from Venice has been eliminated.

J.J. Woods: Finshed with a shocking .27 seconds left on the clock!

Samantha Guthrie: Failed on the Jumping Spider.

Paul Kasemir: Completed the course for the fourth year in a row.

Jaret Salas: Failed on the Spinning Bridge.

Todd Bourgeouis: Didn’t get a good jump off the trampoline and failed on the Jumping Spider.

Brian Wilczewski: While he stuck his landing on the Jumping Spider, his foot fell during his climb, sending him into the water.

Dan Galiczynski: Completed the course!

Kavon Sadler: Silk Slider

Ian Dory: Completed the course!

Jon Stweart: He is the oldest competitor to ever completed a city finals course, now he wants to continue breaking records. Unfortunately, he lost his grip on the Silk Slider.

Brian Arnold: He has made it farther than any other competitor. He’s continuing his quest for Total Victory, completing tonight’s course.

Kacy Catanzaro: She needs no introduction, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, Kacy is the only woman in American Ninja Warrior history to complete a city finals course. Unfortunately her 5’0” height worked at a disadvantage tonight, when she was unable to stick her landing on the Jumping Spider. Regardless, she has been an inspiration to millions, myself included, and I can’t wait to see her next season.

These eighteen athletes will be moving on to Stage Two next week:

1. Elet Hall
2. Lorin Ball
3. Paul Kasemir
4. Joe Moravsky
5. Ian Dory
6. Joshua Cook
7. Chris Wilczewski
8. Abel Gonzalez
9. Joseph “Jo Jo” Bynum
10. Travis Rosen
11. Isaac Caldiero
12. Andrew Lowes
13. Dan Galiczynski
14. Ryan Stratis
15. Dr. Noah Kaufman
16. Yen Chen
17. Brian Arnold
18. J.J. Woods

Watch American Ninja Warrior Mondays on NBC at 9/8c and Tuesdays on the Esquire Network.

Are you surprised by some of tonight’s runs? Let me know your thoughts below!

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