In the five previous seasons of NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior”, we have never seen a woman make it over the Warped Wall. That all changed tonight when Kacy Catanzaro hit the buzzer for women everywhere.

At just 5’0” tall, she scaled her way up a wall over three times her height, and that was after a nearly flawless performance on the other obstacles. Boyfriend and fellow ANW veteran Brent Steffensen coached her through to the end.

Tonight’s qualifying course in Dallas, Texas consisted of five obstacles.

As always, it started off with the Quintuple Steps. Contestants then faced the Log Grip, where they must wrap their body around the log and ride it down a hard drop. Third, we saw a brand new obstacle, the Tilting Table. Here contestants have to run across a spinning padded platform before it flips over. Fourth was the swing jump, requiring them to swing and jump unto the cargo net. From here they head to another brand new obstacle: the Ring Toss. They must use two rings to work their way through different inclines and declines of pegs. From here is the ultimate challenge: The Warped Wall.

American Ninja Warrior is no stranger to Olympic athletes, and tonight was no different.

First we saw Olympic Bobsledder Johnny Quinn. Unfortunately he went out on the swing jump when he failed to make the transfer to the cargo net. Next we saw Olympic gymnast Jonathan Horton. Surprisingly his history competing on the rings didn’t prepare him for the Ring Toss obstacle, and he ended up going swimming.

56 year old Michael Moore wanted to be the oldest person to hit the buzzer. Last year Michael couldn’t find his way up the Warped Wall, and amazingly this year saw an identical ending.

Last season Nika Muckelroy made it farther than any other woman, making it to the Warped Wall but failing to find her way to the top. Tonight she met a worse ending when her foot was caught on the divider of the Turning Table, throwing her down and causing a severe shoulder injury.

Sam Sann is the 47 year old fan favorite who broke his ankle on last season’s qualifying course, yet continued on to hit the buzzer. Although he started limping after the Tilting Table tonight, he found his way to the buzzer again and is heading on to the Finals.

Tonight it was a family affair when the Morgan family showed up to compete. 52 year old dad Mark Morgan failed to make it past the Tilting Table. Oldest son Joshua seemed to be in good shape until he miscalculated his landing on the Ring Toss and ended up in the water. Youngest son Jeremy looked to be in even better shape to complete the course, until he failed in his three attempts to make it up the Warped Wall.

Brent Steffensen made history during Season 4 when he became the first competitor to make it past the Cliffhanger in Stage 3. Last year fans were shocked when he failed to climb his way up the Salman Ladder not once, but twice after he was chosen as a wild card. Tonight: more shock. Steffensen failed to make it across the Ring Toss! I’m sure we’ll see him during the finals episode when he’s cheering on girlfriend and history-maker Kacy Catanzaro.

The fastest time of the night came from Dylan Gates, a rookie and training partner of Brent Steffensen. He made it through the course in an unbelievable time of 131.19.

In all, 21 athletes made it to the top of the Warped Wall.

Next week American Ninja Warrior heads to St. Louis, Missouri for another qualifying course.

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