A furious row has broken out over who is to blame for the death of Amy Winehouse – just hours after her funeral.

The talented but troubled singer was found dead in her London home over the weekend and she was cremated on Tuesday.

But within hours of her loved ones saying goodbye to her for the last time, her management and record label were exchanging insults about who allowed her to go on her last tour, which turned into a sham.

Some people believe that tour may have made a contribution to her death. The planned 12 day event was cut short after a shambolic performance under the influence in Belgrade.

Darcus Beese, co-president of her label Island Records called the decision “mad” and he advised her to part with promotion company Metropolis.

But the singer’s manager, Ross Cosbert, is said to be furious, insisting he did everything he could to help her during her battle against alcohol and drugs, He is compiling a dossier of everything he and the management company did to come to her aid.

A friend of Cosbert said: “It’s very hurtful. Raye is currently cataloguing all the help she did receive. Amy always made the decision to play any show, arrangements were always made in discussions with her doctors and really no one could have done more to support her.”

Mr Cosbert became Winehouse’s manager after the singer split from former Spice Girl boss Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment company.

Winehouse battled against drink and drugs throughout her career, although it has been suggested neither substance was found in her system at the weekend. The cause of death is expected to be revealed next month.