Sales of Android tablets have been unimpressive.  Why are people not buying the latest and greatest tablets?  If one were to ask this question of industry suppliers and insiders, they would likely offer a number of reasons why the Android tablets are not flying off of the shelves.  One reason that comes up again and again is the fact that, when compared to the sales environment of the Apple iPad, the Android tablet has nothing going for it.  Simply little-to-no retail support.

Insiders say that there is very little retail expertise and a lack of professional marketing strategies.  Essentially, the Android tablet could be much better and more powerful than the new iPad 2, but if consumers are not being told this tidbit of information in an efficient and effective way, then people will not buy.  It is marketing 101.

On the other hand, consumers may simply be reluctant to buy a first-generation tablet.  This is a problem that plagues all manufacturers, from washing machines to cars to wireless tablets.  In the current economic climate, people might be waiting to see more evidence of stability and usability before forking over a fistful of hard-earned dollars.

Consumer education and marketing is the strategy that should work for the Android tablet.  If people have a venue to hold a tablet and try one, then they will be more comfortable with the newest addition to the tablet market.  Best Buy, it is rumored, is about to set up a Tablet Central kiosk where consumers can try before they buy.