Android Users Can Now Benefit From AT&T Wi-Fi Calling

AT&T Wi-Fi calling is coming to Android devices.

Starting this week, AT&T users who own an LG G4 will receive a software update enabling this feature.

In areas with limited cellular coverage, calls and messages will be sent over the internet whenever the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. One such case would be inside dense buildings. Wi-Fi calling will also be used whenever calls are made outside AT&T’s domestic coverage area.

Wi-Fi calling will use your existing AT&T number, and there is no app that must be installed. Domestic calls are free, but calls to international numbers and text messages will cost standard fees.

This feature is available in the United States, Peurto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and most international countries. However, only users with a post-paid account can take advantage of it; it is not available to pre-paid customers.

AT&T has released Wi-Fi calling for iOS devices back in October.