Rovio’s latest attempt to keep the Angry birds franchise relevant and in our minds is here.

Angry Birds Epic has all the characters we’ve come to expect from this series. Only this time, they’re LARPing (Live Action Role Playing, for the uninitiated) as their favorite archetypes.

The story is not unusual in the slightest. The Bad Piggies have taken the Birds’ eggs yet again. Instead of slingshots, though, the Birds use makeshift swords and magic to take the green ham-sters down.

The game plays like a roleplaying game: the player chooses their party of birds to fight, selects their action, then let’s the pigs have their turn to fight. Experience points and in-game currency is doled out after each successful battle.

Each Bird plays specific roles: red bird as a fighter, white bird as the healer, and so on. They each wear an assortment of hats and wield different weapons for a more customized approach to battles.

Presentation is what we have come to expect from a Rovio game: colorful graphics, cute sound effects. A smile will be on your face when you see, and hear, the characters interact with each other.

The game clearly tells you what each thing does and how to do it. The learning curve is gentle, but the difficulty ramps up halfway through.

The game is free, with reasonably priced microtransactions. It’s available in all major app stores.

Are you a fan of Angry Birds? Is this too much of a departure? Let us know in the comments below.