Angry Birds For Windows Phone 7 Released – But Is It Buggy?

Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 has been released.

It’s been one of the most wanted things on a smartphone… but has been missing on the Windows Phone 7 platform. But that ends today. Finally Angry Birds is available for Windows Phone 7 and any Windows Phone 7 user can download it right now from the Marketplace.

Angry Birds is a physics based catapult game where the player has to throw different kinds of birds on different structures to destroy some cute little green pigs who have stolen their eggs and made them angry.

There is one thing negative about Angry Birds in the Windows Phone 7 platform. It is the priciest version. The game can be downloaded for $2.99 from the Marketplace. There is also a free trial of the game if anyone one to test the game before buying. Some gamers have complained that the game is not as smooth as the iOS version and the zooming is also not perfect in this platform. Two different things may be causing this. One is the use of weaker processors than the A4 chips in iOS devices. The other could be poor porting of the game. The truth will be found out pretty soon as more high end WP7 phones are on the way.

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