Angry Birds are now online and free, courtesy of Google.

The super popular, runaway hit game, Angry Birds, was originally released on the iPhone OS. 12 million copies have been sold through Apple’s App store.  It then made it’s way into smartphones that run Google’s Android OS. Then came PC’s and gaming consoles.

And now… it’s available online, for free, through Google’s internet browser, Chrome.

The announcement of the availability of Angry Birds online came at the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco today. The first level of the game, Poached Eggs, and a set of levels that is exclusive to Chrome’s version of the game, are free. Premium levels will be made available for purchase through an in-app payment system.

Angry Birds for Chrome is available at Surfers attempting to access it using Internet Explorer (MSIE) receive a message saying their browser does not support the required web technology – and will get a link for a Chrome download. Accessed via Chrome, the game downloads and play begins very quickly.

Peter Vesterbacka, head of Rovio, the company that designed Angry Birds, said “We didn’t want to compromise on performance. We haven’t been able to bring this to the Web. It hasn’t been possible until today. We are bringing Angry Birds to the biggest platform out there, the Web.”