Angry Birds Star Wars – Big Announcement Set For Monday

Angry Birds Star Wars – Big Announcement Set For Monday

Rovio, the company behind the iconic Angry Birds brand – is hinting that something big will be announced in Times Square this Monday, October 8, at 10am EST.

Along with the date, Rovio provides a clue by the way of an image – a dark, hooded, Angry Bird, wielding a light saber. The announcement also suggests visiting Toys R Us at 8am EST.

According to a report on FastCompany, this is all about an Angry Birds Star Wars “line of toys,” which will be announced this Monday.

In this new game being developed by Rovio, the familiar Angry Birds characters will be stepping into the shoes of the hugely popular Star Wars’ characters.

The report further adds, “Monday morning at the Toys R Us store in New York’s Times Square, Lucasfilm will announce a toy line to accompany Angry Birds Star Wars. Rovio and Lucasfilm have worked with 50 licensees in more than 100 countries to develop items from toys to apparel and bedding.”

This may indicate that the company intends to create a franchise of the game, rather than a singular game release. Thus there will be a wide variety of merchandise available for Angry Birds Star Wars.

Over at IGN, they have a listing of characters for Angry Birds Star Wars, with the Red Bird playing Luke Skywalker. Big Brother Bird is Chewbacca and the Yellow Bird is Han Solo. In addition to the characters from Star Wars, the Death Star will make an appearance in the Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga version, where kids will launch the birds at the tabletop Death Star in order to topple it.

Will you be one of the first to get the new Angry Birds Star Wars game when it comes out? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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