Windows 9 we hardly knew ya!

When it comes to Microsoft products the last couple of years, Microsoft has made some odd choices. Most Xbox 360 players thought that the next generation console would be called Xbox 720. However, we were then introduced to it being called the Xbox One.

So why go from Windows 8, an operating system made for touch screens but operates for desktops as well, to Windows 10?

Basically, Microsoft wants expectations to be met. Whether or not they meet those expectations is yet to be determined.

But for now, Microsoft is going about tooting their horn as usual. Such boasts have not served them well in the past, such as “Xbox One is the next water-cooler.”

The Internet reacted negatively to this, as the statement is archaic for Xbox audiences at best.

Microsoft certainly knows how to create hype though, and social media sites are buzzing about the news. However, sites like Twitter have been mostly making fun of the announcement of going from Windows 8 to 10.

Perhaps Microsoft should be given some writer’s advice: show, don’t tell.