As usual, Apple is playing their cards close to their chest. The company, who rarely has leaks, has us all guessing about an upcoming ‘press event’. The rumors about the event began swirling January 2.

The only thing we know for sure is what’s in the press invitation that Apple sent out today. The invitation said the event will be held on January 19, that it’s at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, and that it’s an education related announcement.

Of course, that could be a reference to educating us about their newest product, or service… and in one way or another that is likely to be true. However, just what could that product or service be? And could it actually be, truly, education related?

The invitation that Apple sent out looks something like a chalkboard with a chalk drawn outline of the New York City skyline. Though the skyline includes a big Apple in the middle of it. So perhaps it is.

Of all the rumors that have been bantered about on the internet today, the one that Apple-Invitation[3]appears to have the strongest legs suggests this announcement will have something to do with textbooks.

In the popular biography on Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Isaacson wrote that Steve Jobs told him he wanted to transform the textbook market and make versions of textbooks for use on the iPad. Could this will be his textbook idea coming to fruition? As we learn more we will let you know here at CP.

This will be Apple’s first event since Steve Jobs’ death on October 5th of last year.