Apple might finally endorse NFC with the iPhone 6.

Near Field Communication chips have been a staple of most flagship Android devices for several years now, enabling features like tap to transfer for sending data between two devices and Google Wallet for mobile payments.

Apple has failed to get behind the technology, though, supposedly because it considered NFC to be under developed, but if this recent rumor is true, then we can expect to see the technology take off, as Apple’s endorsement is usually a seal of approval.

Inclusion of NFC also means we can expect a few additions to iOS 8, such as NFC support within Passbook.  Currently, Passbook only displays barcodes to be scanned at the register, but the use of NFC could enable tap payments, tickets, or other Passbook features via the new NFC ability.

Aside from Apple, accessory vendors would jump on the NFC train in droves.  Some accessory, such as Bluetooth speakers, support a “tap to pair” feature, which would become much more standard with an Apple device sporting NFC.

The most notable effect, though, will likely be the availability of mobile payment solutions.  As anyone that has attempted to use Google Wallet can tell you, it’s a beautiful service, but only a small number of places support it.  It’s difficult to truly replace your wallet with your phone if some places still require an old fashioned credit card.

With the iPhone 6 launch event coming up in less than 2 weeks, we’ll have confirmation on all the details of the new device.  Obviously, the inclusion of NFC would be very well received, but as Apple said on the launch event invitation: “We wish we could say more.”

Source: Wired