Not long ago we were reporting on Apple shops expanding into Targets. Now word is coming in that Sam’s Clubs may be getting Apple shops in them as well. is reporting today that Apple is in talks with Sam’s Club about putting 47 Apple shops into Sam’s Club locations. That would best the number of Targets that are expected to get Apple shops inside them, 25, even though Target has three times as many locations in the US. There are over 600 Apple shops in Best Buy stores, however not all of them are staffed by Apple personnel.

Sam’s Club does already sale iPhones, iPads, and iPods. says the talks between Apple and Sam’s Club are in the very early stages. But if it doesn’t work out, they say there’s a backup plan which entails Sam’s clubs selling Apple Macs on their own, though without certain Apple store features.

Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart, but it’s unknown if Walmart would also be under consideration for some Apple shops. In some ways it seems like a Walmart store would be a more natural fit. Though it’s rather odd to consider putting in Apple shop into any discount retailer. Apple and bargain, or discount, are not often words you hear strung together.