As soon as Steve Jobs announced that he will be going on a leave of absence for the second time in 2 years because of health concerns, Apple stocks immediately started falling.

According to Nathaniel Popper (Los Angeles Times – Money & Company Blog), the Apple stock fell 6.45% as soon as the market opened on the day following Steve Jobs announcement.

Fortunately for Apple the shares managed to stabilize at around 335 dollars and only ended up with a 3.7% down trend from the closing price we saw on Friday.

Steve Jobs announced that he will take a medical leave by using a memo that was sent to all Apple employees. The US markets were closed at the time and this is why the Apple stock did not experience too much of a loss. Unfortunately, the overseas markets showed a drop of 7.9%.

There have been no extra statements by Apple or Steve Jobs and we do not know what health problems appeared.