Apple TV Buzz Abounds

There’s a growing amount of buzz online about the release of an Apple TV. Of course, Apple’s not say nuthin’. But everyone else is…

Best Buy has admitted to that it asked customers to rate their interest in purchasing a 42 inch, $1499, IOS Apple HDTV. The survey provided details such as the TV being able to download apps from the Apple App Store, and the ability to use the iPad and iPhone as remotes for the TV. However, Best Buy said the brand reference was ‘hypothetical’, and the survey is no longer available.

It’s an interesting brand for Best Buy to choose for a ‘hypothetical’ TV, eh? But with Apple’s notorious secrecy about product launches, who knows? Perhaps Best Buy was just feeling the market out without any inside knowledge of when the TV might actually come out.

But Best Buy’s survey isn’t the only Apple TV talk around the net today. Several sites are reporting that Apple is in talks with two Canadian companies, Rogers Communications Inc and Bell Canada Enterprises, concerning the possibility of an Apple TV deal. According to Canada’s The Globe And Mail, anonymous sources apparently in a position to know these things, say the companies already have Apple iTV prototypes in their labs. They also say that the Apple TV incorporates Siri, so viewers can talk to their TV, and Siri can help them make programming choices.

Adding to the buzz are reports that Apple is in touch with Asian suppliers concerning the production of the TV. A variety of sites point to Apple analyst Gene Munster, who’s been talking about the possibility of an Apple TV since 2009, as the originator of this storyline.

Many believe that Apple may have their TV ready to hit the market by the end of this year. But here it CP, there’s a consensus that (if there is such a beast) 2013 would be more likely.

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