The past year has been a good year for cord cutters.

Services like Netflix and Hulu have taken off more than ever before, and streaming devices–such as the $35 dollar Chromecast–have taken off. But there’s still no complete solution to those looking to cancel their cable subscription and retain access to live TV.

Apple has been leading the way for streaming services with the Apple TV. Despite strong competition from the likes of Google and Roku, content is still king, and Apple is still the king of content.

This Tuesday, Apple added a few more offerings to its Apple TV portfolio, including CNBC and Fox Now.

Unfortunately, access to either of these channels requires a login from a cable provider, meaning the streaming is still dependent on a cable subscription. But that doesn’t take away from the convenience of the Apple TV support, it merely means that those looking for a streaming only live TV solution have a little longer to wait.

This solution is excellent for anyone not demanding live TV, though, as it does enable any Apple TV user to get pay-per-view access to the additional content offered through Fox and CNBC.

Although Apple TV’s $99 price tag is almost three times that of Google’s competing Chromecast, the growing content offerings just goes to show Apple still offers the most robust media library available.