Apple hit the highest point ever for the stock value of the company on Monday, but according to analysts, the fact that it beat the Microsoft market record is not an accomplishment that means much.

Apple reached a public value of $624 billion, a world record that is higher than the $620.58 billion that Microsoft reached in 1999. The problem is that the comparison between the two companies is not taking inflation into account. If the dollar value is adjusted, Microsoft would have a value of $850 billion. Unfortunately, Bill Gates’ company is now only worth $257 billion.

What is interesting is the fact that analysts agree that the Apple stock will keep growing in the future. The average stock value possible according to specialists is of $745.80 according to a FactSet poll.

Another interesting fact that needs to be analyzed is the price-to-earning ratio. Apple currently has this at 15.6 and Microsoft had it at 83 in 1999. There is still time to grow for Apple but there is a huge chance that the price-to-earnings ratio record set by Microsoft will not be topped for a long time.

According to analysts, the iPhone launch that will happen in 2 months tops will be the highest product introduction point till know. In addition, the much debated mini iPad launch is considered to be a good move as it could expand how many people would afford Apple’s tablets.