AppleCare+ Available On iPhone 4S Preorders Until 11/14

Apple’s new iPhone protection plan, called AppleCare+, was intended to be offered to customers at the time each iPhone 4S was purchased.

But a monkey-wrench was thrown into the works. In the initial excitement and crush of pre-orders, many customers were apparently not offered the chance to purchase the AppleCare+ plan with their iPhone.

Now, some customers are reporting that they have received emails from Apple offering to extend the timeframe in which an AppleCare+ plan can be purchased. The email states that customers who preordered can still purchase the plan – if they do so before November 14th, 2011. Customers who reply to the email are asked to call AppleCare at 1-800-275-2273 to complete their AppleCare+ order.

Apple has also confirmed this information through their site, stating that “Through November 14, AppleCare+ can be purchased by customers who: Pre-ordered iPhone 4 (8GB) or iPhone 4S.”

The reason that the new protection plan, AppleCare+, will normally be available only at the time an iPhone is purchased is that the plan goes a step further than Apple’s previous AppleCare plan. The new plan not only extends the usual warranty extension to two years – but also provides coverage for up two incidents of accidental damage coverage, subject to a per-incident service fee of $49.

With AppleCare, one could purchase an extended warrantee within the first year of purchase. With AppleCare+’s new accidental damage provision – Apple must make it available only at the time of purchase, otherwise users could purchase it after the damage has occurred.

The AppleCare+ protection plan costs $99.

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