Full video coverage from Apple’s 2014 WWDC Keynote is now available on Apple’s website, as well as on the “Apple Events” channel on the Apple TV.

At the event, Apple announced their newest Mac and mobile operating systems—OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, respectively. The two updates feature several new tools, apps, and design enhancements.

OS X Yosemite embraces a brand-new interface that better fits the ‘flatter’ aesthetic that was introduced with iOS 7 last year.

Among the new features implemented in OS X Yosemite are an enhanced Spotlight search, larger attachments in Mail, a streamlined toolbar in Safari, and a more accessible iCloud tool within Finder.

Additionally, OS X Yosemite provides more expansive iPhone integration. Users can now view and respond to incoming calls and text messages directly on their computers. The iPhone can also be used as an instant hotspot so that users can access the internet on their computers anyplace they have a phone connection.

iOS 8 maintains the same basic appearance as iOS 7. Namely, the update allows for a new interactive notification system, an updated ‘Quicktype’ keyboard, and the new ‘Swift’ Programming Language for Developers. It also comes with the new Health app, which gives iOS users personal health and fitness data, keeping track of sleep cycles, heart rate, calories burned, etc.

While the update to Mac OS X is a drastic one, the changes in iOS 8 are all relatively minor. More information can be found on Apple’s website. Both system updates will become available in the Fall.