Apps to Help You Grocery Shop

Apps to Help You Grocery Shop

There are a lot of mobile apps out there to help you save money but have you thought about apps that can help you in the process of shopping for groceries?

Sure, you can use a free service like Mint to manage your spending and budgets, but what about when you’re in store and can’t decide what to buy.

Look for further than these few apps.

RedLaser: This app helps you while you’re shopping by letting you scan a bar code to find the best prices, coupons, and deals.

GroceryIQ: This grocery shopping app is consistently features in “best” lists and allows you to create shopping lists to use in-store, scan bar codes and share your lists with other devices.

Key Ring: Always forgetting your loyalty cards and missing out on points and discounts? No more with Key Ring! You simply scan your cards and pull them up when you’re checking out. The drawback is the retailer needs to be able to scan your phone and not all of them can.

Yowza!!: Like coupons? Look no further than this break-out app focused on coupons and only coupons. The app uses your geographic location to find deals and coupons and then allows you to choose the offer and visit the store. When you pay, you just have to show the cashier … its that easy!

Grocery Gadget: The best may be last (and at $3.99 it better be good) but Grocery Gadget allows you to sync multiple accounts and send push notifications to other users (like when your husband is at the store or on his way there and you remembered that you needed a carton of eggs). The fact that it links to recipes and builds shopping lists based on ingredients is just the icing on the cake.

While these apps aren’t the end-all to shopping for food, they certainly help.

Which apps are your favorite in the grocery aisle or kitchen?

Consumer Expert Richard Dedor

After running for public office at the age of 18, Richard now spends his time focused on digital marketing and financial planning.