Archie & Riverdale To Receive Modern Relaunch

Near the 75th anniversary of the beloved comic series Archie, a modernized take on the Riverdale characters will arrive in 2015.

The new series will be written by comic book veteran Mark Waid. Fiona Staples from Saga fame will be the artist for the first three issues.

The comic series has depicted Archie Andrews and his supporting cast in the wholesome town since its debut in 1941. The series has always evoked nostalgic, everyday life throughout the decades.

However, Archie Comics has been shaking the status quo in the last few years. For example, the publication of Life With Archie, which followed up the adult life of the character before his death, and the acclaimed, dark and gritty Afterlife with Archie, which follows the Riverdale gang as they survive a zombie apocalypse.

This project will also celebrate the anniversary alongside the announced television series Riverdale, which will feature a supernatural, bizarre take on the mythos.

While this new comic book series will likely not be as outlandish as those projects, it will feature a modern interpretation of the characters. The comic will reconcile the iconic personalities of Betty, Veronica, and Jughead with an approach more relevant and authentic to today’s youth.

What do you think of this announcement? Do you believe Archie and his friends will make a smooth transition to the 2010’s?

Please share your thoughts below!

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