PC gamers are a dedicated and enthusiastic bunch, and they could very well play a pivotal role in reviving the ailing market for desktop PCs.

PC sales have been sliding through the years as mobile devices grow in popularity thanks to their portability, ease of use and significantly lower price tags.

Statistica.com provides a quick glance at the steady decline of desktop sales, which saw 157 million units shipped in 2010 and predicts sales sliding down to 123.11 million units in 2017.

GfK’s Andrew Walsh points out that PC gamers played a role in stemming what could have been a free-fall crash of desktop sales in 2013.

Quad-core processors, dedicated graphics cards and hybrid memory have all seen higher demand thanks to lower prices.

Walsh does add, however, that PC gamers are still willing to pay far more than the average consumer to maximize their gaming experience.

The stunning success of digital download platforms (aka Steam) has also helped put PC gaming into the mainstream consciousness as well.

All these factors combined could very well transform the role of desktop PCs in a world increasingly filled with mobile devices – with PC gamers leading the charge.