Arrow: Brick Takes The Midnight City

Laurel, now the Black Canary, teams up with Arsenal as Brick makes his next move to take over the Glades by kidnapping Starling City’s aldermen and threatening to kill them.

Black Canary’s growth as a vigilante continues, having a rather rough first outing that ends with dead victims. This makes sense, since she is still just starting out and it would be unrealistic for her to fight at an expert level. However, she has some previous training in self-defense, and it would have been neat to see that acknowledged. Roy also has blood in his hands, and this time without Mirukuru to blame. This episode, even more than the last, does a strong job in developing the supporting characters and evolve beyond Oliver. It should be interesting to see the change in dynamics when Oliver returns to Starling.

The most controversial part of the episode was Laurel and Felicity falsifying Sara’s voice to deceive Quentin into thinking she is still alive. While secrets and lies are nothing new to the show, the measures taken to continue this lie border on ridiculous. It feels needlessly cruel and a rather contrived reason to drag out this storyline. The payoff better be worth it.

Oliver’s resurrection is rather vague and unbelievable, but it is a bit more plausible than the famous Lazarus Pit. Maseo’s rescue of his wife and son from China White ends on a happy note, which makes the couple’s current circumstances even more ominous. It is also refreshing to see Thea start to conflict with Merlyn, even if she does not know his true nature. The reveal with the DJ being an agent of Ra’s al Ghul is unsurprising, but it does make his character more useful.

“Midnight City” gives the spotlight to Laurel and Roy and succeeds with that. Unfortunately, most of the plot is meandering in time to prepare for the climatic finale next week. While it might be a bit too soon to see Oliver back in Starling, the final confrontation against Brick looks promising.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Looking forward to the conclusion of this trilogy? As always, let us know below.

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