Another name has been added to the upcoming third season of CW’s hit show: Arrow.

Arrow has cast Matt Ward as a recurring villain.

Show writers claim Ward will have a big part to play in the season long storyline.

Ward will play a rival archer named Komodo, whose skills and ambition will come into conflict with the Arrow.

The character was created by Jeff Lemire and is taken from a recent arc in DC’s Green Arrow comic book, part of their rebooted New 52 line-up.

DC Comics and Warner Brothers television have been working to bring the Green Arrow comic book in-line with CW’s Arrow television show.

Recently the character of John Diggle, a member of team arrow from the show has taken up a similar role in the comic book.

Now the show is taking a page out of the comic book, looking to start using the character of Komodo in second episode of the next season.

Executive producer and writer Andrew Kriesberg will join fellow show writer Ben Sokolowski in taking over writing duties of the Green Arrow comic book with issue #35 this October.

With the comic book and show now sharing writers, you can bet this is only the beginning of character crossovers, and shared story arcs.

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