Arrow: The Fallen Heroes

After mortally injuring Thea, Ra’s al Ghul forces Oliver to use the Lazarus Pit on her and join the League of Assassins. Diggle, Felicity and Malcolm travel alongside Oliver to Nanda Parbat as he is about to make a critical decision.

Major spoilers ahead.

The reduced Team Arrow takes Thea to Nanda Parbat to heal her. After resisting for a long time, Oliver finally gives in to the idea of becoming Ra’s al Ghul’s next heir and future leader of the League of Assassins. Despite Felicity’s attempts to keep him from fulfilling his part of the bargain, Oliver ultimately joins Ra’s and lets the revived Thea and his friends leave back to Starling City.

This episode takes a backseat from the action to place more focus on the characters. This is essential, as after this episode, Oliver undergoes a major change. He says his good-bye to his friends and even advances his relationship with Felicity. Even though his romantic relationship continues to be unbearable, and even worsens due to Felicity’s reckless and foolish actions, it is necessary in order to move on Oliver’s character.

One of the highlights of the episode is the brief exploration of Ra’s character and some background story from the League of Assassins. It is fun to see a live-action League that is more faithful to the source material after their outing in Batman Begins. The scene where Thea is revived by the Lazarus Pit in particular strikes awe and stands out in a series that prides itself to be realistic to a fault.

In the flashbacks, Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu try to stop Shrieve’s attack on Hong Kong. These flashbacks seem to be designed only to inject some action in the episode, and do not advance the plot or flesh out any of the characters. Even the minor development with Maseo is covered in the main plot, when Diggle awakens a bit of humanity in him for a brief moment.

“The Fallen” might not be the most action-packed episode, but it does explore a few character relationships before Oliver’s transformation into “Al Sahim”. Even some of the more cringeworthy moments, like Felicity’s rescue attempt or Malcolm’s weeping over Thea, are necessary evils in order to push the characters forward. Oliver’s journey takes an interesting turn that will truly take off on the next episode.

What are your thoughts on this episode? What kind of tests do you think Oliver will be subjected to?

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