Arrow: The Offer of Ra’s al Ghul

Oliver must consider taking over Ra’s al Ghul’s place as the leader of the League of Assassins, as he hunts down a new villain in Starling City named Murmur. Meanwhile, Thea tries to overcome her issues with Merlyn when he returns to the city as well. Spoilers ahead.

Despite inching too close to Batman territory, Ra’s al Ghul offering his position to Oliver creates some believable drama, and it finally makes a personal connection between our hero and the main villain of the season. This was way overdue, while Merlyn and Slade were foil to Ollie much earlier than this. This decision makes him reconsider his impact on the city when Starling is still plagued by criminals, and even Quentin Lance has turned on him. It is a decent dilemma, though it does not remove the stupidity of going through all the trouble of rescuing Merlyn.

Lance refusing to forgive both Laurel and the Arrow places his character back at step one when it comes to his development. However, it makes complete sense considering how much he was deceived by them. This drama was manufactured through contrived means, but it makes sense.

Another interesting development is Nyssa’s friendship and connection with Laurel. They are both undergoing similar issues, and it is nice to see her character develop more. Ra’s is also in top form, dismissing her in a cold manner, and even using the Lazarus Pit to great effect. The last one is a much-needed demonstration of the supernatural in the otherwise grounded show. His framing of Arrow by killing Murmur’s men is a bit surprising, but considering the hero has been framed before, it can be seen as repetitive.

The flashbacks for this week were underwhelming and almost pointless, since Akio’s fate is easy to guess at this point. The only purpose for it to supposedly bring back Shado, or at least, a twin or look-alike.

“The Offer” develops the consequences of the last episode’s ending and continues to further along the drama. Oliver questioning his motives was interesting to see, but besides that, Laurel’s new friend, and the Lazarus Pit, there is not really much of worth.

What was your take on this episode? Do you think Oliver will stick to his decision?

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