Prints of one of Fred Olds most famous paintings, “Pistol Pete”, are now available to the public.

Fred Olds of Guthrie, OK passed away in 2005 at the age 88. Olds was painter and sculpture, well known through the state of Oklahoma. His work is still sought after by collectors in Germany and Scotland. Some of Olds’ work can be seen at the Copenhagen National Museum.

What brings old Fred Olds back into the spotlight is the first round of prints being produced from his work. With the assistance of a friend at Sundown Gallery in Guthrie, his wife Flora and son Erich are making prints of one of Olds’ most famous works, “Pistol Pete.” The picture of the famous gunslinger was completed in 1984. Prints are now available at the Sundown Gallery.

Artist Mack Boles, a local artist who is helping them with the print production and sales, says that the picture of Pistol Pete is stunning. “The quality just blows me away,” he said. “It’s just an incredible painting, with all the details of his wrinkles when he was older, and he’s got that pipe.”

Flora said that Fred never wanted to mess with making prints. He just liked to paint. Now, 5 years after his passing, his family is slowly making his work available to everyone through prints. Their desire is to keep his legacy alive.

While the reproductions are currently only available at Guthrie’s Sundown Gallery, the family plans to put them for sale on the web as well.