Asus announces ZenWatch 2

As well as a new smartphone, Asus has just announced its second smartwatch, the ZenWatch 2. Asus is promising to deliver better performance, faster charging and more customizability.

The ZenWatch 2 will come with an IP67 water resistance rating – that means you can wear it pretty much all the time, even in the shower.

Asus is promising faster recharging than the previous generation, although there is no mention of the actual battery life, which while a little worrying, we can probably just put down to them not being entirely sure as of yet. It will run Android Wear, androids smartwatch OS.

The watch will be a ‘truly personal device’, according to Asus, being available in two sizes, three colors and with a choice of 18 different strap material and color combinations. It will also have customizable watch faces, as well as the ability to design your own.

The watch will have built in sensors to go along with the all-new Wellness smartphone app – what the sensors do exactly is not yet clear, but presumably they will be things like a heart rate monitor etc.

Whether the ZenWatch 2 will add anything new to the smartwatch market we will have to wait and see – but with the recent Zenfone 2 being such an interesting addition to the smartphone market, we can certainly hope.