Teeth whitening products used at home, rather than invasive dental-whitening procedures, have become increasingly popular over the last few years, according to Birnur Aral, the Health, Beauty, and Environmental Sciences Director at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

The products that are now available in stores have become less abrasive and more effective, according to Aral, and people are turning to the store shelves in favor of dental visits.

The GHRI has found that consumers can use inexpensive products at home to whiten their teeth, and the results rival that of dental procedures, at a fraction of the cost. The cost of whitening teeth at your dentist’s office can cost several hundred dollars. Compared to at-home procedures, that average $40 – $60 for a 2 week set.

One product recommended by Birnur Aral is Crest’s New White Strips, which are advertised to whiten your teeth in just two hours. Birnur Aral also recommends that consumers try Colgate’s Total Advanced Whitening Gel, which is used daily to maintain whiter teeth.

The GHRI recently tested a new product called the Go Smile Whitening Light, which promises to lighten teeth six shades after only one session. Aral said, “We found that it lightened our volunteer’s teeth an average of 1.6 shades. While that was less that promised, our volunteers liked the amount of whitening for a speedy process.”