AT&T Boosts Prepaid GoPhone Service To 4GB Of Data

AT&T has announced that they’ll be offering higher full-speed data packages on their prepaid GoPhone service.

Users of GoPhone will get a data boost in the next few days with no additional service cost.

The change will affect two prepaid phone plans: the $45-monthly package and the $60-monthly package. The $45 plan will go from 1GB of full-speed data per month to 1.5GB per month, and the $65 plan will jump from 2.5GB to a whopping 4GB.

Both of these plans come with unlimited data, but after the above amounts are reached every month, AT&T throttles the connection to a lower speed. This change will give users more high-speed data before the throttling occurs.

Pricing for the plans will not change, and the data boost will go into effect February 20.

It’s been speculated that this data boost is a response to T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid service, which offers 5GB of data on their $60 plan.

AT&T’s higher-end plan is also set to add unlimited texts and calls to Mexico.

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