A new pricing structure for AT&T data plans was announced today. 

AT&T will be offering two limited plans, and doing away with their unlimited plan. The telecom company says this will make it more affordable, and that customers can pick the data plan that works best for what they need. 

AT&T’s new plans will be a ‘DataPlus’ plan, at $15 a month, with a limit of 200mb of bandwidth per month, and a $25 plan called ‘DataPro’, which gives users 2gb per month. They will no longer offer an unlimited plan.

 Critics are condemning the new 2gb cap and the rigidness of the new pricing structure.  Especially compared to what other carriers are offering, though there is some fear that other carriers will follow in AT&T’s footsteps to limit the growing number of high bandwidth users and costs.

AT&T new data plans will be available June 7th.  AT&T has said that existing subscribers can continue to renew their $14.99 for 250 MB, or $29.99 for unlimited use, plans indefinitely, but that those plans will not be available to new customers.