AT&T To Work On Blocking Unwanted Robocalls

Following a letter sent by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to AT&T, in which he urged the company to act against robocalls, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has decided to finally do something about them.

All too often, consumers are bombarded with unwanted and annoying robocalls made by telemarketers.

Although there are programs that assist in blocking these calls from the consumer’s end, telemarketers often find a way to circumvent these blacklists.

As such, wrote Wheeler, more is needed to be done by the communications industry itself, such as identifying suspicious numbers that originate from overseas.

Stephenson, in a statement, committed himself to chairing a new Robocalling Strike Force.

This force will attempt to “accelerate the development and adoption of new tools and solutions to abate the proliferation of robocalls.” He also agreed to some of the technical requests in Wheeler’s letter, which will aid in the blocking of robocalls.

Wheeler released a statement stating that he is “gratified that AT&T will lead an industry strike force to develop an action plan for providing consumers with robust robocall-blocking solutions…I strongly urge industry participants to join the effort and to produce conclusions within 60 days.”

It remains to be seen how much progress will be made, and how fast it will happen.