In Queensland, Australia, as flood waters begin to slowly subside, a mass grave is feared under a railway bridge at flood affected Grantham where The Daily Telegraph has reported there are up to 30 crumpled cars wedged against the pylons.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting the contents of the cars have police and emergency workers filled with dread.

“You’d have to think with 30-odd cars here, we’re about to find some pretty unpleasant things,” a police officer at the scene said yesterday.

Many locals are holding their breath as specialist disaster divers began entering the swollen river and The Daily Telegraph are hearing many harrowing stories as locals relive moments when they tried to desperately rescue people from the cars but the river torrent was too strong for many rescue attempts.

“I know there is a body in that white car … it’s a mother my husband couldn’t get to,” a resident, Karen told The Daily Telegraph. “He got her daughter off the roof but he couldn’t get to the mum.”

It has been reported by The Daily Telegraph the once-vibrant community is now a ghost town and The Herald Sun are reporting it as “ground zero of Queensland’s crisis.”

Both newspapers are reporting the only buildings still standing in Grantham is a single street of houses. Everything else has been flattened.

The Herald Sun is reporting in Grantham it was once a 300 strong community but now there are some 43 people missing with three confirmed deaths.