The Brisbane River is continuing to subside at Brisbane, Queensland Australia, but downstream at a small township on the Queensland and New South Wales border of Goondiwindi are on high alert as the flood waters from Southern Queensland head towards them.

Sky News reported Goondiwindi have taken precautionary measures and are evacuating the 61 patients from the hospital and nursing home.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said in this evening’s media update the Goondiwindi levy bank is 11 meters and authorities are anticipating the peak to reach 10.85 meters. Anna Bligh said the flood is expected to stay at the flood level peak for more than 24 hours, which will test the integrity of the level.

The Mayor of Goondiwindi told Sky News tonight if the flood levels reach 11.95 meters the whole town will be evacuated.

Anna Bligh told the media this evening there is some 205km stretch of waterways defense force and emergency officers are scouring, in recovery mode, looking for any deceased bodies.

Early Thursday morning there were fears of a mass grave where cars were wedged against the railway bridge at Grantham. The ABC has reported earlier Thursday no bodies were found in the wreckage.

Despite water levels starting to decrease in some areas, Anna Bligh said Southern Queensland is still in emergency response mode.

Sky News reported at the peak, Brisbane had 11,900 properties inundated and 14,700 partially flooded. Police are now patrolling the streets on boats.

While floods are starting to subside in areas of Southern Queensland, some areas of Victoria are preparing for significant rains and damaging winds over the next 24-36 hours, as predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology. Many towns along river systems are already on flood watch.