Author: Matthew Thomas

Podcast of the Week: The Uncanny X-Cast

The perfect podcast for any fan of the X-Men, The Uncanny X-Cast began in 2006 and has served a loyal fan base ever since. It’s hosted by Rob Briscoe and Brian Perillo, two childhood friends who now get together over Skype...

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Podcast of the Week: Live Audio Wrestling

This network of podcasts is perfect for Wrestling and MMA fans alike. Live Audio Wrestling started out as a radio show and has blossomed into a series of regular podcasts that can be found on itunes as well as the website of the...

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Podcast of the Week: The Film Vault

The Film Vault is the perfect podcast for film lovers who to learn about films on a weekly basis. Presented in a humorous, off the cuff fashion that allows the hosts to discuss extremely dark, controversial films in a light, fun...

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