Back To College Shopping? Here’s 5 Essentials Any Student Can Use

Back To College Shopping? Here’s 5 Essentials Any Student Can Use

Shopping for a new college student and need some tips on things they could use?

Here’s some ideas for you:

Computer protection

Every college student dreads the day that their computer crashes because of a virus, or even worse, they can’t work on the midterm that they were working on that is due in two hours because their antivirus is slowing the computer down. This is where Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus comes in (currently $39.99 for 5 devices and one year, a 50% savings).

Not only is it the fastest antivirus software on the market, but it doesn’t slow down computers when scanning and keeps itself updated.

It also provides identity and privacy protection that will prevent cybercriminals from stealing personal information such as credit card information or passwords while online.

Dorm/Apartment Decor

The walls are bare and the art needs to be hung, but everyone wants to get their damage deposit back.

Or, worse, the dorm room is built like a bunker with concrete walls that no nail could penetrate.

Have no fear, Command Strips are here to rescue your room from the drab.

With a full range of products to hang everything from electrical cords to picture frames, and even their new bathroom accessories, students will be able to keep a home away from home neat, organized, and decorated without a single pin, nail, or hole in the wall.


Waking up is always hard to do, and heading to the coffee shop every day to stand in line for a $5 cup of burnt coffee does not help.

The solution?

Black & Decker’s Single Serve coffee machine, perfect for making just the right amount of fresh coffee for you as you head out the door.

No more waiting in line every morning; students can sleep 15 minutes longer and grab a cup of their favorite blend on the way to class. And as it is single serving, it’s time and money saving and there’ll be no need to dump old, unused coffee down the drain. This great little brewer will even help keep hard working student going late into the night when the studying gets tough.

Clean Clothes

It is inevitable that the laundry will need to get done, and while Mom and Dad are miles away, it’s all on the student to keep those clothes looking clean.

But those machines at school aren’t the fancy ones like at home, so it is time to simplify and still look and smell great.

These Tide Pods are packed with all the stain fighting, fabric softening power of the bottles, but in convenient pods you toss in with your clothes. They are simple, fast, and there are no cups to measure perfectly or pre-filling necessary at the machines.


Going away to college is about more than a education.

It’s a journey, and nobody wants to miss out on saving those memories for the years to come.

This is why a digital camera like the Nikon COOLPIX L28 20MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom is a great item for any college student.

It’s small enough to fit in any bag, pocket, or purse, but powerful enough to capture all the details in the shot, this little camera will ensure the student will be able to share those captured moments for years to come.

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