Back To School Sales 2014: Target Nails Staples With Better Prices

As school buses start to roll this September, parents are out shopping for the best deals in back to school supplies.

Comparing prices can be time consuming.  Driving from store to store is counterproductive to saving time and money.  Check out the following prices to learn a quick lesson in savings.

At Staples, a double pack of blunt nose scissors cost $2.00, while at Target a similar two pack cost $3.99.

However, six Elmer’s glue sticks cost $8.00 at Staples and only $1.99 at Target.

Hard to believe Crayola crayons and marker prices could vary, but at Staples a 10 pack of Crayola markers cost $5.00 and were only $1.29 at Target. Crayola washable markers (8) were $4.79 at Staples and $1.99 at Target.

A short school supply list that included a plastic pencil box, 12 pencils, scissors, glue sticks, Crayola crayons, Crayola markers, Crayola washable markers would cost s total of $30.58 at Staples and only $14.75 at Target.

While this comparison does not constitute a complete back to school supply list, comparing brand name to brand name at Target and Staples, it’s easy to see that a smart shopper can get twice as many supplies for the same amount of money.  That’s especially important if you are shopping for more than one child.  Shopping smarter can save you money.

While these stores are National chains, it’s important to note that some prices may vary from store to store.  These prices were collected at Target, Danvers, MA and Staples, Beverly, MA.

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