Shaquan Duley

Shaquan Duley in a photo provided by the Orangeburg Sheriff's Department

Bail has been denied for Shaquan Duley, the woman charged with murder in the deaths of her two small sons last month in Orangeburg County, South Carolina.

Judge Edgar Dickson listened to pleas from family and friends on Duley’s behalf as they requested bail for the 29 year old.  She allegedly smothered her sons before strapping them into the car and sending it into a river.

Duley’s mother told of a loving person who did her best to provide for her kids, and had never had any problems with the law before.

The Solicitor for Orangeburg County cited the severity of the allegations, and the potential danger of the accused, as reasons for denying bail.  It was brought up that Duley could be a danger to her 5 year old daughter.

According to authorities in the case, Duley held her hand over 2 year old Devean’s, and 1 year old Ja’van’s, mouths, to suffocate them, in a motel room outside of Orangeburg on August 15.  Afterwards she allegedly placed the boys in car seats and drove to a boat ramp, put the car into neutral, and rolled it into the water.

Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry Williams has spoken previously about the state of mind Duley was in at the time of the incident.  He stated that she had apparently been fighting with her mother the night before the bodies were discovered, and that the actions of Duley were a response to the arguments.

According to Duley’s attorney, Carl Grant, she was suffering from mental illness when the deaths took place.  He cited previous suicide attempts as well.